Project Details

Ramsay Machine Works has built another industrial monster. This 1,500-tonne coal stacker, looking not unlike a giant Transformer toy, is 30.5 metres high and stretches 107 metres in length. The Stacker boasts a massive bearing system that had to be manufactured to within five one hundredths of an inch. The main reasons Ramsay was awarded the job was a) due to an outstanding track record in building large scale Material Handling equipment where the projected life span of the finished product is in excess of 35 years, and b) the Companies unique ability to build the entire machine at the Ramsay Plant and then ship the unit in three sections from the Ramsay Barge loading facility to North Vancouver – reducing the cost of building on-site by 60%. The stacker reclaimer was built for Neptune Terminals and is used to handle coal from Teck Resources operations in B.C. for export to overseas markets. The stacker reclaimer moves coal between stockpiles and vessels bound for Asia. Designed by EMS Tech of Belleville, Ont., meant more than a year’s work and 20 new jobs at Ramsay Machine Works. The project also produced spinoff work for several local contractors. The new stacker reclaimer equipment and other upgrades are expected to increase coal handling capacity at Neptune to 12.5 million tonnes per year from nine million tonnes.

Neptune Terminals, Engineering and Contracting Handled by EMS Tech