Project Details

BC ferries wanted to build three aluminum high-speed Fast Ferries to travel between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. They are the 2nd largest aluminum Fast Ferries in the world. Ramsay Machine Works Ltd joined forces with Point Hope Shipyard, Nanaimo Shipyard and Alberni Engineering to form a consortium called Consolidated Pacific Industries. Over 40% of all the aluminum alloy work was done at the Ramsay plant on Vancouver Island in the form of easily transportable modules. Ramsay built over 270 tonnes (3 ships) of these aluminum modules, this included everything from the main deck upwards. Ramsay also built the jet tubes for the water propulsion system, this consisted of four tubes 96” in diameter by 144” long made using 6” aluminum plate. The Ramsay group is DNV certified for plant and procedures and CWB aluminum certified. Ramsay was therefore able to perform the complicated tasks of working with aluminum and could therefore also provide training in these areas. Ramsay trained and certified over 50 people to CWB, DNV and ISO standards. The whole project ensured the company could create jobs in BC for 5 years. Ramsay Machine Works was the highest producer of any company working on the project and reduced the number of hours to complete the project by 20 to 30%. The company was also recognized for having the lowest rejection rate on x-ray welds. By the end of the 5 year project, Ramsay Machine Works boasted a weld rejection of less than 1/10th of 1%.


BC Ferries