Fabrication FacilityOur fabrication plant, located next to the Victoria International Airport, has access to barge loading facilities enabling us to transport by water as well as by air, road and rail. Our facilities utilize multiple machining, fabrication, and manufacturing bays with high-speed automatic precision cranes. The proficiency of our steel manufacturing allows us to specialize in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Coupled with high quality workmanship, high productivity, a low overhead structure, a robust quality management system, and a strong management team makes Ramsay a world-class operation that can deliver on-time and to unique customer specifications. The entire machine shop has been designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The layout of the equipment and the machine shop can be adapted to meet the needs of the project at hand. The wide door located at both ends of the (2) large fabricating areas allows for continuous movement from receiving of material to shipping of the final product.


  • Four bays up to 275′ (84m) long
  • Up to 33’ 0″ under the crane hook
  • Beam line c/w hydraulic web/flange punches
  • ASME certified Sec VIII Division 1 code work
  • Plate forming work (rolling/breaking up to 2″ plate)
  • Large press work (400 tons)
  • Non-ferrous (stainless, aluminum, alloy work)
  • Outside assembly testing area
  • Ability for expansion