Ramsay Machine Works is ideally situated for shipping everything from assembly line type products to industrial machines the size of a Boeing 747 jet. Located directly adjacent to the Victoria International Airport, Ramsay Machine Works has the exclusive use of the main Runway to move fully completed projects to its Barge loading facility in Pat Bay. At Ramsay our business philosophy is to build and test as much as possible in the Plant in modular designs. Wherever possible everything is pre-fabricated and assembled before being put on our Barges for delivery. Nothing leaves the Plant until all inspections are done and all components are fully tested.

This approach provides two key benefits. First, the chance of a product being commissioned with missed faults is reduced. Second, the time on site is drastically reduced thus greatly reducing the on-site downtime, expensive labour and exposure to Health and Safety risk.The diagram below shows the Ramsay advantage to ship anywhere in the world by land, air or sea.