Many of Ramsay’s biggest and most recent projects have been material handling projects. Ramsay provides an attractive alternative to overseas fabrications when cost benefit analysis and life expectancy are key factors in bid selection. We have a large facility, an accessible location and a proven track record for success.

Ramsay has extensive experience and can work with your company to build the following Material Handling Equipment:

  • Stacker Reclaimer
  • Shiploader Conveyor
  • Quadrant Shiploader
  • Barge Loader

Examples of Material Handling projects completed by Ramsay:

  • Neptune Terminals Stacker Reclaimer
  • Kinder Morgan Shipload Conveyor
  • Port McNeil Quadrant Shiploader
  • Barge Loader

Stacker ReclaimerNeptune Stacker Reclaimer
Shiploader Kinder MorganKinder Morgan Shiploader 
quadrant shiploader Port McNeil Quadrant Loader
Barge LoaderBarge Loader

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