Ramsay Machine Works Ltd is very competitive in the areas involving manufacturing, designing and building. We work with customers and partners to come up with value added and cost conscious proposals.

Ramsay has extensive experience and can work with your company to design and build almost anything. Here are some examples:

  • Vehicle and Truck Loading Systems
  • Docking Fender Systems
  • Passenger Loading Systems
  • Frac Tanks

Examples of Design/Build projects completed by Ramsay:

  • BC Ferries Docking Fender System
  • Passenger Loading Systems
  • Trippers (Phosphate Rock, Copper Concentrate, Coal, Gravel)
  • Frac Tank
  • Stainless Steel Weigh Bins

docking-fender-systemLoading and Docking System
LNS TripperTripper (Phosphate Rock)
Frac TankFrac Tank
LNS Weigh BinStainless Steel Weigh Bins