Ramsay PlantRamsay Machine Works LTD. is known for their diversification and ability to handle a wide range of metal fabrication projects. Ramsay Machine Works is also known for their abilities in complicated welding, engineering, and machining projects where both expertise and precision are critical.  Additionally, we have extensive experience with pneumatics, hydraulics, circuit boards, PLCs, PCs, and electronics reflective of our talents where sensitivity and detail are crucial to the operation of a given product.

Ramsay is different from our competition because we never say no to challenging projects and because we treat our customers fairly and go the extra mile to ensure they are always satisfied. Our core values are; Honesty and Integrity, Customer satisfaction, Cost consciousness, Pride and Innovation. Our ability to modify the plan to accommodate any size project is of great benefit for our customers. We use state of the art technology in the plan and we can deliver the product using transportation options such as water, air, road and rail.

At Ramsay our business philosophy is to build and test as much as possible in the Plant in modular designs. Wherever possible everything is pre-fabricated and assembled before being put on our Barges for delivery. Nothing leaves the Plant until all inspections are done and all components are fully tested. This approach provides two key benefits. First, the chance of a product being commissioned with missed faults is reduced. Second, the time on site is drastically reduced thus greatly reducing the exposure to safety issues and exposure to Health and Safety risk