Project Details

Fabrication of this Crude Collection Vessel was started by a company in the US, however the project was complicated and the Pressure Vessel was very large to ship once completed. The Ramsay Group was selected to complete the job. This was the largest Pressure Vessels project Ramsay has handled to date. With a 10 ft outside diameter and a 5/8″ wall thickness, the vessel was designed for 150 PSI and full vacuum. One of the design elements that was complicated, and therefore made Ramsay the ideal fabricator, was that the inlet and outlet nozzles entered the vessel heads tangentially. This meant that the bore of the nozzle needed to be set flush to the inside diameter of the vessel. The Ramsay expertise was able to fabricate the vessel so that the difficult task of reinforcing the nozzle was achieved without sacrificing the integrity of the vessel. BP has been a loyal customer to Ramsay over the years due to our ability to meet and exceed their standards and custom requirements. Even though the vessel was very large the unique shipping facilities offered by Ramsay made shipping the finished product very easy. The Ramsay Group has designed and built many pressure vessels for BP Cherry Point, Carson Refinery, Chevron  El Segundo of Hawaii, Shell Puget Sound and Fort Saskatchewan, Petro Star, Tesoro, Japan Oil, Nexen and Mt. Hayes


BP, Engineering by Jacobs