Project Details

Ramsay Machine Works has worked on two projects requiring Quadrant ship loaders. The first was in Sechelt where Ramsay supplied the curved conveyor system from land to the loading Quadrant ship loader. The second quadrant ship loader was for Polaris Minerals through Seabulk System Inc. The Orca Deep Sea Terminal and ship loader is owned by Orca Sand and Gravel located near Port McNeil. The Orca Sand and Gravel quarry has a peak capacity of 6 million tonnes per year. The quarry produces construction aggregates which are shipped through a dedicated vessel loading facility. Seabulk designed and managed the supply and construction of the offshore conveyor, The ship loader was completely fabricated and outfitted by The Ramsay Group in Victoria, B.C. This included supply, fabrication, painting, assembly and installation of the entire loader including all mechanical, drive, electrical, electronic system finished and dry commissioned at the Ramsay plant ready to load at site.  Polaris and Seabulk signed off on the project prior to shipment. With Ramsay’s unique ability to ship fully dry commissioned industrial machines in one piece by using its permit to utilize the Victoria International Airport runway to access its Barge loading facility, the company was able to move the entire Quadrant loader in one load.  The barge was towed to Port McNeil where it was lifted off the barge at 11.00am by floating crane onto the pivot foundation and quadrant rail. This process was completed by 3.00pm the same day. The result was that the Quadrant loader was wet commissioned and loading ships within 2 to 3 days.

Texada, Engineering and Contracting Handled by Sid Shouinard at Seabulk