Project Details

BP was searching for an ASME certified company to upgrade the design, conduct flow and efficiency calculation and supply and fabricate a new 6000 tube condenser to replace the existing condenser owned by BP. The project had to be completed in a very short time frame. The existing piping had to connect up to the new condenser without any adjustments as the refinery had to remove and install the new condenser inside a five day shutdown. The Ramsay Group sent a team to the refinery and conducted a site survey using lasers to determine the layout of all the existing fittings. The new fittings had to be built to the same angles, and all bolt holes had to line up. This was the largest condenser that could be built to TEMA and ASME standards. The tube flanges with 6000 tubes were 12“ thick. The Condenser had to be pressure tested on both sides of the tube sheets. A Special heavy duty transporter was used to haul the 80 tonne Condenser from the Ramsay plant to the refinery. This was another one of those projects where the Ramsay expertise in Pressure Vessels was called in when other companies simply did not have the capacity for the project.

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