Project Details

EMS Tech Inc. commissioned Ramsay Machine Works to supply, fabricate, paint, assemble and dry commission a 650 tonne 3500 tonne per hour ship loader. The machine needed to be fully enclosed so that no dust or water could infiltrate the system. It is a fully Green Machine. The ship loader was fully commissioned at the Ramsay plant prior to being shipped in one piece. Kinder Morgan was able to have their people involved in the design and construction and trained their operators before shipment to site. The fully assembled ship loader was moved using special transporters down the Victoria International Airport and loaded on a Barge at Pat Bay and shipped to North Vancouver. In addition, a fully enclosed dust and waterproofed 700 ft conveyor system complete with cladding, floors, idlers and tripper were built at the Ramsay plant and delivered and installed in 30 meter lengths by a 600 ton Amix water rig. The customer had allowed for a maximum shut down period of five weeks for commissioning, the whole project was installed and commissioned in three weeks putting the customer back in production way ahead of schedule.


Kinder Morgan/Technomenco, Engineering and contracting handled by EMS Tech