Project Details

BP (British Petroleum) had been buying their circular coke coolers from previous supplier but they were lasting less than two years in most instances. BP needed to come up with a new, more efficient design and went out to find a manufacturer they could work with to a manufacturer the best design and constructability. The Coke Coolers are approximately 84 tonnes and had to be within 20 thousandth of an inch accurate over 40 ft wheel centers. These Calcifiers are constructed from roll bounded clad stainless steel carbon steel flat sheet and the shell and pockets are formed. BP has patents on the design which include finite element analysis and heat transfer optimization with the University of Washington. Ramsay Machine Works has built all the Coke Coolers for BP, they are manufactured under license from BP and used in North America and exported to a Germany. The first ones have lasted over 15 years, far exceeding expectations on lifecycle.