We are in the midst of exciting times at Ramsay as the evolution of our business model is reflected in updated branding, a whole new look and feel to our website, the addition of a quarterly newsletter and, of course, this blog.

You likely know Ramsay as one of the most established metal fabricators in Canada and a cornerstone of Victoria’s manufacturing community.  You probably think of us in terms of our renowned custom design capabilities and such major scope projects as bridges, shiploaders, drill rigs and massive pressure vessels.

None of that is going to change, but we have been working hard over the past year to evolve our business and take full advantage of our world class fabrication facilities, our ideal location for transporting finished products and our exceptional team of people.  We are enhancing our service line towards a fully repeatable business model by partnering with carefully selected complementary companies that have innovative, patented products but may lack the sales resources to take their businesses to the next level.

We will save our partner companies money on the manufacturing side through increased purchasing power, lower labour costs and established manufacturing facilities and safety standards; then help take them to market as well via our expanded dealer/distributor network.  Our partnership program is focused in the waste, water and energy industries and we look specifically for complementary products in order to achieve maximum economies of scale.  Our partners then benefit from each other as well as from working with us!  We are pleased to have our first three partners already in place:  DO2E, Questor Technology and Rawlings Manufacturing.

You can read more about our new business model and our partnership program on our new website. That’s right, Ramsay is proud to have just launched its brand new site where you can explore all aspects of our company, from our history to our future.  Read about our services and some of the amazing projects we have completed; learn about our partners and their products; and watch some fun videos too!

Rounding out our new marketing program is the addition of our quarterly newsletter which will bring you the latest information on Ramsay and our industry, as well as taking you behind the scenes and sharing some fascinating insights into what it really takes to deliver the kinds of projects we do.  For example, how do we get a massive shiploader as tall as, well – a ship . . .  from the manufacturing plant to a barge and across to the mainland?  Find out in our first issue – coming out soon!

Between our new website, our newsletter and our blog we hope you enjoy learning more about how Ramsay is changing to serve a broader marketplace. Always proud of our history and the work that we have done, we certainly aren’t saying  ‘out with the old’; but we are welcoming in a new era of expanded manufacturing capability and industry partnerships that will see us continue to grow and flourish through another century.  So welcome to the new Ramsay Group; building on what we know.